Volkswagen Id 7 Electric Sedan Digital Camouflage Reveal 10
volkswagen id 7 electric sedan digital camouflage reveal 1

Meet Volkswagen's Fully-Electric ID.7 Sedan

Each year, the Consumer Electronics Show provides the world’s leading companies in innovation with a platform to showcase the future of technology. After a six-year hiatus, Volkswagen is making a triumphant return to the annual trade show by unveiling its sixth model in its electric vehicle (EV) family: the fully electric ID.7.

The company has maintained a consistent focus on electric vehicles, and they are projected to launch ten models by the year 2026. The ID.7 is equipped with an innovative digital camouflage that produces light effects for added stealth.

The ID.7 Sedan, which is fully electric, boasts a digital camouflage that illuminates the car’s exterior in an interactive manner.

The exterior of the car is illuminated by a unique structure created through the use of more than 40 layers of paint in its digital design. There are 22 areas of the vehicle that can be controlled electronically. A sound system can be used to visualize rhythm, as it can be observed in its movements. The hood and both sides of the ID.7 are equipped with barcodes that enable the connection between the physical and digital realms.

The standard models have been enhanced with the addition of a new display concept featuring an augmented reality HUD, a 15-inch screen, digitally controlled air vents, and illuminated touch sliders. These intelligent vents boast a precise control of airflow capable of responding to a wide range of scenarios.


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