South Korean Remake of Breaking Bad in Development: Everything We Know

South Korean media company, CJ ENM, has announced that they are currently in the process of developing a South Korean version of the hit American television series, Breaking Bad. The series is known for its gripping plot, complex characters, and stunning cinematography, and has garnered a huge following worldwide. With the announcement of this remake, fans of the show are eager to know more about what to expect.

Here’s everything we know so far about the South Korean remake of Breaking Bad:

  1. Production Team and CastThe South Korean remake of Breaking Bad will be produced by Studio Dragon, a subsidiary of CJ ENM. The production team will be led by producer Lee Eung-bok, who is known for his work on popular Korean dramas such as “Goblin” and “Mr. Sunshine.” The cast for the remake has not been announced yet, but fans are already speculating about which actors will take on the iconic roles of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

  2. Plot and SettingThe original Breaking Bad series was set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and followed the story of a struggling high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, who turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine to provide for his family after being diagnosed with cancer. The South Korean remake will reportedly follow a similar plot, but will be set in Seoul, South Korea. This change in setting is expected to give the show a unique flavor and introduce Korean audiences to the gritty world of drug manufacturing and distribution.

  3. Language and Cultural DifferencesOne of the most significant challenges in remaking a foreign series is the language and cultural differences. The South Korean remake of Breaking Bad will need to navigate these differences while staying true to the original’s essence. It is expected that the show will be dubbed or subtitled in English to cater to the international audience.

  4. Release Date and DistributionThe release date for the South Korean remake of Breaking Bad has not been officially announced yet, but production is expected to begin soon. The series will be aired on tvN, a popular South Korean cable television network that is known for broadcasting popular dramas and reality shows. International audiences can expect the show to be available on streaming platforms such as Netflix or Hulu, but it remains to be seen which streaming service will acquire the rights to distribute the show.

The South Korean remake of Breaking Bad is highly anticipated by fans of the original series and Korean television alike. With a talented production team and the promise of a fresh take on the story and setting, this remake is poised to be a hit. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!


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